Foster Care

Children come into foster care with histories of abuse, neglect, trauma, or abandonment. Some have been separated from siblings; others have been moved from home to home. Our foster parents are trained to provide kindness, compassion, and special care to these children, with the goal of helping them transition into permanent homes.


These placements last six to 12 months, depending on needs of the child and family. Most are 5 years or older and part of a sibling group.


While every child in foster care has special needs, those in therapeutic care have a specific and chronic mental health diagnoses that require intensive, ongoing interventions.

Rapid Response Crisis Stabilization

Rapid response homes offer short-term care, no more than two weeks, for children in immediate crisis as they move between foster homes, group homes, or psychiatric residential treatment facilities.

Juvenile Justice

These homes provide a family setting and services for runaways, gang-affiliated teens, or other court-involved youth.

Can you help?

You don’t have to be wealthy or married to be a foster parent. You  don’t have to own your home. Our most successful parents have experience with children and a heart for helping people with mental health issues.

Independent Services

Even if you plan to foster or adopt through another agency or social services, our staff can help you through the process.

Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting training sessions are held in Raleigh. Contact

We can provide home studies required for foster care licensure. Contact